Recipe: Oat protein porridge with fruit


Oats: The favorite grain of the crop growers

Recipe for protein oat porridge with fruit

Analysis of nutritional information

Oats: a cereal herbaceous plant with a straw-like stem and a herringbone-shaped inflorescence, cultivated for its grains, used as fodder and in food, due to its good source of slowly absorbed carbohydrates(1).

You’ve probably noticed in most diet plans as well as in the posts of performance athletes, the inclusion of oatmeal for breakfast. Although oats are not very common in the Romanian diet, they are one of the best choices you can make, especially during the “muscle building” period.

Nutritional information(2):

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Nutritional values per 100gr:

Calories: 389 of which 66.3 grams of Carbohydrates, 16.9 grams of Protein, 6.9gr Fat.

Oats are perfect for breakfast because of the carbohydrates they contain: oats contain very little sugar (1% of sucrose/sugar), about 11% of carbohydrates are fibre, 85% is starch. (3)

The main types of starch in oats are:

  • Rapidly digested starch (7%), which is broken down and absorbed as glucose
  • Slowly digested starch (22%), which is broken down and absorbed much more slowly
  • Resistant starch (25), which works like fibre, improving the health of the intestinal tract (4)

These carbohydrates in combination with the 11 grams of fibre, result in a gradual release of energy throughout the morning.

A high content of the following minerals is observed: phosphorus (52% of the recommended daily allowance), magnesium (44% of the RDA).

Cholesterol is completely absent.

Of the 6.9 grams of Fat only 1.2 grams are Saturated Fat, 2.2 grams are Monounsaturated Fat, and 2.5 grams are Polyunsaturated Fat (those of particular interest, namely: Omega 3/Omega 6 essential fatty acids)

Studies have shown that eating oats can help lower blood cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease ( 5) (6) (7)

Personal recipe: oat protein porridge with banana

Personally, I combine oat porridge with another protein source, such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or a cup of whey protein powder to get extra protein in the first meal of the day.

Keeping in mind that not everyone uses protein powders, I used 2% fat Greek yogurt in the recipe.

Due to its calorie density and relatively high carbohydrate content, considering that we are in the winter season and most people want to build muscle mass, this recipe is best used for the growing season, where carbohydrate requirements are high.

Ingredients: 100g Oats, 300g Greek Yogurt 2% (Olympus). 100gr Bananas, 10 grams crushed almonds, Stevie extract (to taste), 10 gr cocoa powder, cinnamon (to taste)

The most common question when it comes to oats is “how do I prepare them?”. A big problem arises when it is eaten raw, or soaked in milk, it tastes horrible, sticks to the teeth, etc. The best option, as well as my favorite, is to make a “porridge”.

Preparation: put the 100gr of oats in a ceramic bowl, pour enough water to cover the quantity of oats, then heat in the microwave for 5 min (on a medium setting). For non-microwave users, the same can be achieved by simmering. Consistency should be a soft “mush”. We have solved the “hardness” problem but the taste problem remains. To solve this aspect, we pour over the porridge the 300 g of Greek yogurt, add the 10 g of crushed almonds and stir, then add the 10 g cocoa powder, cinnamon, and stevia extract for sweetening, then stir again. Finally, we cut the banana into “rounds” and put it on top of our “porridge”.

Any other fruit can be used instead of banana, but recalculation of nutritional values will be necessary.

The result:

egg yolk

Nutritional information oat protein porridge with bananas:

CALORIES: 703 kcal

PROTEIN: 36 gr


FAT: 18 gr

IMPORTANT! Any eating plan should be designed to be fit for purpose, taking into account individual daily macronutrient requirements.



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Recipe: Oat protein porridge with fruit
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