Training Beginners: Fullbody Hybrid 5×5

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Training for strength and muscle mass increase

Training for beginners: 5 x 5 Fullbody Hybrid

The most common questions come from beginners, young people who want to start a training program to increase strength and muscle mass. They don’t know where to start, being overwhelmed by the amount of information available online.

Before I started my evolution, I did a lot of research to try to choose a program that offers proven results over time, so I ended up with the 5×5 fullbody version. This approach got me in the first 18 months of training the following max lifts ( 1 Rep Maxes ):

  • Barbell chest push: 100 kg
  • Squats with bar: 115 kg
  • Classic bar straightening : 130kg

I’m kicking off a series of YouTube videos that present information and strategies for structuring workouts.

In this video we go through the following topics together:

  1. What is Fullbody 5 x 5 training and why it is important for beginners
  2. Weekly frequency and structure
  3. Detail Training A
  4. Detail Training B
  5. What is Linear Progression
  6. How to do Linear Progression in 5×5 workouts
  7. Example of Linear Progression for chest push

►Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe:…
►Stronglifts 5 x 5:×5/
►New Fullbody 5 x 5 by Jason Blaha:…

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Training Beginners: Fullbody Hybrid 5×5
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