I lost weight in 60 days using the flexible diet

am slabit in 60 de zile

I lost weight in 60 days using the flexible diet

How much have I #slacked in 60 days using my fat burning technique as well as the principles of the flexible diet?

In the video above, I discuss my strategy and approach when it comes to the fat burning/defining period.

We also find out how many kilos we have lost in the first 60 days after starting the fat burning period.

This period is structured in 3 PHASES:

1️⃣ Restoration Phase:

It lasts about 30 days. In this phase, I make a smooth transition between the period of muscle mass growth to the period of fat burning.

Start with a small calorie deficit (about 250-300 kcal). This calorie deficit is achieved by introducing light intensity cardio workouts.

The calories in my diet are in my maintenance. Through the recovery phase, I slowly start to get my body used to being in caloric deficit, not to suddenly go from 3000-3500kcal (from the muscle mass period) to 2000-2200 kcal (in my case).

Of course I am starting to “clean up” my diet, giving up anything that means simple carbohydrates, introducing only foods with complex carbohydrates and high micronutrient value.

2️⃣Faza carbohydrate lowering :

It lasts about 30 days. At this stage, I cut the carbs drastically for me, reaching a minimum of 2200kcal (in my case).

I introduce occasional carbohydrate “loads” if they are needed.

In my experience, loads are saved for Phase 3 when they occur more often.

The purpose of carbohydrate loading is to replenish liver and intramuscular glycogen stores, and to keep the basal metabolic rate as high as possible during the fat burning period.

Through strategic bulking, any plateauing is avoided when it comes to decreasing body fat percentage!

3️⃣Faza of drastic decrease as carbs + weekly load:

Lasts between 15 – 30 days depending on the shape and percentage of body fat gained.

If I feel that I am still not in the desired shape, I add an additional carbohydrate drop.

I keep this decrease 6 days out of 7, and on the 7th day I load up with carbohydrates (i.e. once a week, I return to the 2520kcal of maintenance and 250 gr of carbohydrates).

I continue this process until I get the desired shape, whatever the purpose, whether it’s for a photo shoot or just for summer.

After which they start a reverse diet to get back to maintenance and restore metabolism.

They are made to keep the shape you have achieved until the next period of muscle mass.

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I lost weight in 60 days using the flexible diet
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